The Historic Hallowell Committee is a committee of Hallowell City government, first established by Mayor Charlotte Warren in 2013.  Its mission is to guide the creation of policy and practices regarding the collection, preservation and display of the City’s historic artifacts and related properties; to prioritize and coordinate historical projects and to promote historic preservation efforts.

The role is not to supplant the efforts of existing organizations, but to aid in the work of those organizations.  Participants on the Committee include representatives from the Hallowell Area Board of Trade, Row HouseHubbard Free Library, Vaughan Woods and Historic Homestead, Hallowell Fire Department, Historic Hallowell Project, Maine Community Heritage Project, Museum In The Streets Project, Citizen’s Initiative Committee and the Hallowell Arts and Cultural Committee.

A priority of the Committee is to identify and catalog historic City properties, artifacts, collections and related materials, and their locations,  so that appropriate decisions can be made regarding them.

For more information contact Hallowell City Hall (207-623-4021) and leave a message for the Committee with the City Clerk or email

Committee members include:

Maureen Aucoin Giroux – Hallowell City Councilor-At-Large

Annemarie Kromholt, Director – Hubbard Free Library

Chris Cart – Citizens Initiative Committee, Hallowell Area Board of Trade

Cary Colwell – Hallowell Area Board of Trade, Old Hallowell Day Committee

Larry Davis – The Row House

Bob McIntire –Hallowell Arts and Culture Committee, All Age-Friendly Committee

Jane Radcliffe – Citizens’ Initiative Committee

Sandra Stubbs – Citizens’ Initiative Committee

Kate Tremblay – Executive Director, Vaughan Woods and Historic Homestead

Sam Webber – City Historian, Historic Hallowell Project