Hallowell’s Memory Quilt

Hallowell’s Memory Quilt. Some years back Nancy Bryant of Mechanic Falls donated a memory quilt to the local library. Quilts of this kind were often sewn by members of a church congregation or community group and given as a keepsake to a member who was moving from the area. Nancy said that the quilt was given to her by her mother-in-law Elsie Bryant and was thought to come from a church in Mechanic Falls. It was often used as a couch covering in the Bryant household.

Maine 200 Events

Hallowell 1820: A Celebration of Maine’s Bicentennial LECTURES & EXHIBITS: “Our City” History Day at Hall-Dale Elementary School March 13, 2020 Organized by Hallowell Citizens Initiative Committee Hallowell Bicentennial Kickoff – Pre-party Party! (Bicentennial Celebration in Augusta is the next day)Benjamin Vaughan and the Creation of the State Seal by Ron Kley, A Tale of Continue Reading

Committee Mission

The Historic Hallowell Committee’s charge is to guide the creation of policy and practices regarding the collection, preservation and display of the City’s historic artifacts and related properties, to prioritize and coordinate the many historical projects now underway and to promote historic preservation efforts.  The role is not be to supplant the efforts of existing Continue Reading

Hallowell Glass Plate Photographs

As part of Hallowell’s Museum In The Street Project, the Historic Hallowell Committee purchased twenty-seven photographs printed from  glass plate negatives that are part of the Eastern Illustrating and Publishing Company collection housed at the Penobscot Marine Museum. Founded in Belfast, Maine, in 1909, the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co. published “real photo postcards” with Continue Reading