Credit – City of Hallowell, photographer unknown
Eliza Clark Lowell, City Hall’s Major Benefactor.


Sign Number: 3
Location: City Hall 1 Winthrop St.

In 1898-99, Eliza Clark Lowell, great granddaughter of Hallowell’s first settler Deacon Pease Clark, donated $20,000 for the construction of a City Hall.  She said, “Build it strong that it may last for years to come.”

Its auditorium served as a venue for school assemblies, dances and graduation ceremonies until the high school was built, and hosting variety shows, theatricals and other community events.

A century later, Row House, Inc. teamed with the City to renovate the beautiful old building for its centennial celebration. The exterior was sandblasted and the structure made fully accessible. Electrical and heating systems were updated. The cyprus wood interior was refinished.  Original Victorian paint colors were reproduced throughout the building, restoring it to its former beauty.

Credit – Quinn Collection, photographer unknown
Sacred Heart May Celebration – 1920s.

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The Hallowell Museum in the Streets is a project of Row House Inc. and the Hallowell Area Board of Trade, made possible by Patron Grants from Gardiner Savings Bank of Maine, Mattson Development, LLC and The Wolfington Auto Group. 

The project was underwritten by Vaughan Homestead Foundation. 

Sign Sponsor – Row House, Inc.