Developed and managed by the Maine Historical Society (MHS), the Maine Memory Network enables historical societies, libraries, and other cultural institutions across the state to upload, catalog, and manage digital copies of historical items from their collections into one centralized, web-accessible database.

You can visit our ongoing exhibit at Maine Memory here.

Through online exhibits, outreach, interactive tools, lesson plans, in-school demonstrations, and other resources, the Maine Memory Network strives to help communities and schools learn about, celebrate, and share their local history.

29193A city historic project, The Museum in the Streets, served as a impetus to this effort. The nineteen-sign, illustrated walking tour, reminded us again of the richness of our historical resource. Each of the stops along the walking tour is an entry point to just one aspect of Hallowell history. The museum development team, from its first meetings, envisioned a web-based presentation of Historic Hallowell. This is the beginning of that exhibit. The work will never be completed. We keep discovering the old and creating the new!   You can visit our ongoing exhibit at Maine Memory here.

Hallowell also has a section on the Maine Mystery section of the Maine Memory network.  This is an interesting section where we have posted some old photos and are hoping someone will be able to identify details.  Check it out here!

Hubbard Free Library and Sam Webber, our City Historian have added more than 225 historic items on the site too.  Each with a detailed narrative description of what and where it is.  Look here at some Hallowell History.