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Sign16-1The first newspaper published in Kennebec County, the Eastern Star, was printed in Hallowell by Howard S. Robinson on August 4,1794. In 1797 he published the first book of fiction printed in the District of Maine, “Female Friendship, or the Innocent Sufferer: A Moral Lecture”. During the next two decades Hallowell printers published 179 books, making it a center of printing and publishing at the time of statehood. By 1820 Hallowell had two weekly newspapers which represented the two political parties of the time: the Hallowell Gazette (Federalist) and the American Advocate (Republican/Democrat). Later, an abolitionist paper, the Liberty Standard, was published here as was the Maine Cultivator and Hallowell Gazette, and for 60 years the popular Maine Farmer’s Almanac.

Publications multiples

Sign16Le premier journal du Comté de Kennebec, le Eastern Star, fut imprimé à Hallowell par Howard S. Robinson le 4 août 1794. En 1797 il imprima et publia le premier livre de fiction du Maine: Female Friendship, or the Innocent Sufferer: A Moral Lecture. Durant les deux décennies suivantes les imprimeurs de Hallowell publièrent 179 livres, ce qui fit de la ville un centre d’imprimerie et d’édition majeur lorsque le Maine devint un état indépendant. En 1820, Hallowell possédait deux hebdomadaires représentant les deux partis politiques de l’époque, Le Hallowell Gazette (fédéraliste) et le American Advocate (républicain/démocrate). Plus tard, un journal abolitionniste, le Liberty Standard, se publia ici ainsi que le Maine Cultivator and Hallowell Gazette et, pendant plus de 60 ans, le fameux Maine Farmer’s Almanac.


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