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Greetings from Hallowell

 •  April 21

There was a time before Instragram, SnapChat and SmugMug when, if you wanted to share a picture, you visited the local apothecary, picked up a...

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Remembering the Rialto

 •  February 3

Rialto Theater in 1937 shortly before opening night. The photo in the inset is of the first manager, Norman J Beauparlant. Kennebec Journal...

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Hallowell Glass Plate Photographs

 •  March 4

As part of Hallowell's Museum In The Street Project, the Historic Hallowell Committee purchased twenty-seven photographs printed from  glass plate...

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3. Hallowell City Hall

 •  February 18

MUSEUM IN THE STREETS Eliza Clark Lowell, City Hall’s Major Benefactor.   Sign Number: 3 Location: City Hall 1 Winthrop St. In...

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1. Head of Tide and Heart of Maine

 •  April 30

MUSEUM IN THE STREETS The steamer Della Collins leaves the Eastern Steamship dock in Hallowell bound for Augusta.   Sign Number:...

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2. From the Ashes

 •  April 29

MUSEUM IN THE STREETS Torrent Company.   Sign Number: 2 Location: Valle Real Estate Building Winthrop and Water St. James Ingraham's...

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4. A Cure for Smallpox

 •  April 27

Second and Lincoln Sts Dr. Benjamin Page. Dr.Benjamin Page, one of the first physicians to practice medicine in Hallowell, lived here. Dr....

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5. A Refuge for the Oppressed

 •  April 26

Ebenezer Dole House Second and Lincoln Sts. Ebenezer Dole, his brother Daniel and others, met here on November 18, 1833 and formed the first...

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