Sign Number: 15
Location: Boynton’s Market
Method of Display: affixed to building

Sign15-1Henry Pope Clearwater was a pharmacist who identified himself as Dr. Clearwater and began his career at the City Drug Store on Water Street. Around 1900, Dr. Clearwater started a successful mail-order patent-medicine business, named the Heart Cure Co. One of his most successful products was a liniment called Joint-Ease. A pioneer in mail-order and radio advertising, he placed regular advertisements in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune. He employed 100 workers and each day shipped a baggage car full of his preparations to places as far away as Great Britain and Africa. The Hallowell Post Office was built in 1932 primarily to handle as many as 25,000 of his circulars and responses each day. At one point his facility occupied an entire block on Water Street.

L’entreprise Heart Cure Co. – Les laboratoires Pope

Sign15Henry Pope Clearwater était un pharmacien qui se faisait appeler Dr. Clearwater et commença sa carrière au City Drug Store dans Water Street. Vers 1900, Dr. Clearwater créa avec succès une entreprise, la Heart Cure Co. Un de ses produits les plus populaires était un onguent appelé Joint-Ease. En pionnier de la vente par correspondance et de la publicité à la radio, il plaçait régulièrement des annonces dans le New York Times et le Chicago Tribune. Il employait 100 ouvriers et expédiait chaque jour un wagon plein de ses remèdes jusqu’en Grande Bretagne et Afrique. La Poste de Hallowell fut construite en 1932 principalement pour faire face à ses quelques 25 000 circulaires et envois quotidiens. A son apogée, son entreprise occupa un bloc entier de Water Street.

Photograph(s)/illustration(s) – Captions
S15-01CRC – “Clearwater Pharmacy”
La pharmacie Clearwater.
Credcit – Hubbard Free Library Collection – Photographer unknown

S15-05 – “ Newspaper ad”
Publicité dans un journal.
Credit – Webber Collection
S15-03 – Joint-Ease, Oint Ease
[no translation needed]
Credit – Trask Collection –

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