Bicentennial Party

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Hallowell Bicentennial Kickoff – Pre-party!

March 14, 2020, 2:00 p.m., Old South Congregational Church. Sponsored by Row House in cooperation with the Bicentennial Committee

A double header — plus a special Bicentennial cake to boot!

Benjamin Vaughan and the Creation of the State Seal 

by Ron Kley

What is the story behind the design of the Maine State Seal?

Benjamin Vaughan and the Maine State Seal

When Benjamin Vaughan proposed the emblems for the State Seal that would come to represent Maine’s identity and advocated for Hallowell to become the State Capital, he had been living in our fair City for over two decades. Having been born in Jamaica, grown up in England, and travelled through much of the world, Vaughan was uniquely suited to identify the elements that made the new state and our small City unique. How much did the community he was surrounded by influence the elements he chose to represent Maine’s identity? What was Hallowell like in 1820? This year, you’ll have plenty of chances to find out!

A Tale of Two Capitals – Hallowell vs Augusta 

by Earle Shettleworth, JR., Maine State Historian.

Why was Hallowell considered one of the top candidates for the Capital, and how did it lose this honor to Augusta?

Check the Hallowell State Bicentennial Calendar for more information.

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